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Weezion, a labelized Deeptech company, was created in 2020 to develop and promote a rapid and economic solution for In-vitro Diagnosis (IVD) of bacteremia or fungemia responsible for sepsis including the identification of microorganisms and the prediction of antibiotic sensibility and resistance.

Weezion is the result of 5 years of research by several academic and scientific teams from the Institute of Infectious Agents at the Croix Rousse Hospital in Lyon, the Institute of Analytical Sciences and the International Infectious Disease Research Centre of the Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University.

The main stages of the medical research that led to the creation of Weezion were accomplished within the framework of IdBIORIV, winner of the “Hospital-University Research in Health (RHU)” project of the Investments for the Future Program, led by ANR, the French Research Agency. 

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3Co-founders :

Medical Scientific Industrial Strategic expertise




Hervé has held several managerial positions in R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales within a multinational company. During this time he managed multiple industrial sites on all continents, created the group’s centralized R&D centre, launched several innovative products as Director of Operations, authored 2 patents, and established numerous industrial and commerical partnerships internationally.

Since 2013, Hervé has advised and supported business leaders in the development and implementation of their internal and external growth and innovation strategies.

Hervé advised Jérôme Lemoine during his first entrepreneurial experience in 2014 and for the creation of Weezion before joining the company as CEO.

Hervé leverages his international industrial experience to support business leaders. He likes to apply and implement a strategic vision to projects that he works on.


Scientific Director

University Professor at Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, Head of the ANABIO-MS team at the Institute of Analytical Sciences Analytiques UMR CNRS 5280. Inventor of the patented Scout-MRM process.

Jérome’s research focuses on the development of new instruments and methodologies for the structural and quantitive analysis of biomolecules. He has been the coordinator or the main partner of several ANR projects and coordinator of 9 industrial research partnerships with bioMérieux, Sanofi, Sciex and Sanofi Pasteur over the past 10 years. Alongside his team, he developed and transferred targeted mass spectrometry methods to industrial sites.

Expert in the development and validation of methods for detecting and assaying proteins and bio-therapeutics by mass spectrometry, he is the inventor of the Scout-MRM patent for which Weezion has obtained a license in the exclusive field of infection diagnosis.

Jérôme is internationally recognized for his expertise in the development of mass spectrometry and he constantly strives to transform the fruit of his research into innovation.


Medical Director

University Professor – Hospital Practitioner (PU-PH), Head of the Bacteriology Department at the Institute of Infectious Agents at the Croix-Rousse Hospital, Director of the National Reference Centre for Staphylococci.

François led the creation of the Institue of Infectious Agents with consisted of regrouping 7 microbiology departments from the public hospitals in Lyon, France into one single entity at the Croix Rousse Hospital. In his role as Deputy Director, he also contributed to the foundation of the International Center for Research in Infectious Disease.

François also has experience working with industrial partners, particularly with bioMérieux, in collaborative projects focused on laboratory automation and mass spectrometry.

François combines the expertise of clinical microbiology with the path of research excellence, having published more than 350 articles related to clinical and basic infectious diseases. He is the project coordinator of RHU IdBIORIV.



Tech. Dev. Director Hardware and Software engineering


RA Manager Quality and Regulatory Management


Tech Dev Expert Molecular Biology & Microbiology


Med. biol. and Computing Prof. at Claude Bernard Lyon U., HCL, Institute of Infectious Agents


PhD Expert. Clinical validation procedures

Gabriel Carvalho

Bioinformatics Eng. PhD Expert, Bioinformatics Biotechnology engineer

William Lambert

CTO Software Program Director Business Development

Scientific Advisory Board

Antoine Andremont

Marie-Cécile Ploy

Key Milestones



Patent Filling

A targeted mass spectrometry method that determines a large panel of peptide reporters from proteins associated with pathogen identity, and which together detects and quantifies proteins associated with antibiotic resistance


2015 - 2019

Foundational Research

Development of the Mass Spectometry Method (ESI Scout MRM)

Creation of the peptide reporter database

2015 - 2019


Winner of the Investments of the Future Program

RHU IdBIORIV is the winner of the French Government’s “Investment for the Future” Program, which finances innovative projects in priority sectors



Creation of Weezion

Young University Start-up, labelized Deeptech



Intellectual Property

Weezion integrates IdBIORIV, RHU. 
Exclusive contract for all IP from the project




Filling of 3 new patents




bioMérieux invests 2 millions euros

Press release


2022 - 2024

Process Automation

Preparation robot
Test Kits Design
Interpretation & Acquisition Software

2022 - 2024

2023 - 2024

Clinical Pre-Validation

At the Croix-Rousse Hospital, Lyon, France

2023 - 2024

2024 - 2025


2024 - 2025

2024 - 2025

Clinical Study

2024 - 2025

2025 - 2026

Solution Availability

2025 - 2026

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